The Journey Continues

For too long, non profits have acted as their own islands, provididing critical yet acute care to our nation's warriors. These fractured attempts fail to build lasting relationships as warriors individulaly attempt to identify organizations that can serve them based off their service history, support their needs, and provide guidence toward their next step.

The Warrior Mental Health Coalition has developed a new strategy to provide our warriors the services they need in an environment that will nurture and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits across organizations and set the stage for healing. With a unified alumni base, warriors can make lifelong relationships as they grow together and are able to take advantage of all the services within the coalition.

Building a Continumn Of Care for our Warriors

Making Kansas City the Nation's Destination for Warrior Mental Health

Remove Barriers To Access Services

Setting the Stage for Healing

Continumn of Care Built for Real People

Our coalition members serve all warriors, ensuring everyone has the same opportunities to heal regardless of their service history.

Each program is co-developed and approved by the coalition to fulfill a step in the healing journey of each warrior.

Programming is designed with those in mind who are working, going to school, have a family or even all three. Building consistancy and habits for healing.

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